Carewell Medical Center

Platelet rich plasma or Platelet rich fibrin is a completely safe procedure used for face and hair as it’s taken from one’s own blood and hence, there is no side-effects. This plasma or fibrin is rich in protein (Growth Factor) which stimulates the collagen production and helps in rejuvenation of the skin, treat pigmentations, wrinkles, and fine lines. This hydrates and helps keeping skin healthy and glowing.  When injected in the scalp it stimulates the production of the growth factor and strengthens the shaft of the hair. This helps in reduction of hair fall and helps in stimulating the hair growth. 
Fibrin belongs to new generation high platelet concentrate with stronger release of growth factor and is considered more beneficial than PRP. No coagulation substance is added in the fibrin and the results is more when compared to plasma.
Other benefits are its used for orthopaedics, gynaecological and dental procedures. Based on your condition your physician decides the combination therapy for the better results.