Carewell Medical Center

A trendy treatment, with experienced hands says, “Goodbye to your fine lines and wrinkles”. Get young look with effectiveness of toxins in a safe way at Carewell clinics. Botox erases the lines of time. Non-surgical way to keep oneself look young for a long go. Botox is toxin that relaxes muscles and reduces the muscle action, thus preventing signs of aging.
Other benefits of Botox are that it helps in hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) condition and relive from migraine pain. We can define jaw and make face look slimmer with just few Botox shots. 

Benefits Of Our Services

    • We provide excellent services for your ultimate good health.

    • Preparing for all type of surgeries and emergencies cases.

    • Always provide original and latest medicine for health care.

    • Doctors use advanced latest equipment for patient surgery.